What you'll learn

  • Why people talk

  • The psychology of listening

  • How to listen

  • The therapeutic benefits of listening

  • Why you should listen

  • How listening makes you irresistible

Course Curriculum

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    1. Introduction: Why and How to listen to your spouse

    2. Their opinion matters

    3. Set an appointment to Listen

    4. You show that you respect them

    5. The psychology of listening

    6. They will not cease talking until they feel heard by you

    7. Listen actively

    8. A word from Warren Buffet on Listening

    9. Listen without an agenda

    10. Make a commitment to listen

    11. Sort their thoughts

    12. To understand their viewpoint

    13. They are important to you

    14. Use Encouragers

    15. Lean forward

    16. People talk to connect

    17. To avoid an explosion

    18. The psychology of listening2

    19. The wonderful power of silence

    20. People talk to unburden their heart

    21. James 1 19 Be swift t hear

    22. Proverbs 2620

    23. Dwell with them in an understanding way 1 Peter 37

    24. Don’t answer a matter before you get the facts Proverbs 1813

    25. Proverbs 151

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About the instructor

Author, Speaker, Marriage coach and Family Therapist

Founder & CEO of Fixing Marriages Academy, Inc. Trained Marriage & Family Therapist​; Trained Clinical Mental Health Counselor​; Theologian; 27 years counseling couples and families in and out of the USA​; Author: Book on Love, Sex and Relationships​ and E-book: Finding Love & Keeping it- Over 200 tips to ignite and maintain the flame of love in your relationship
About the instructor

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After several years of marriage, my husband and I realized that our marriage was in trouble, so we asked God to provide a Godly councilor for us, and that he did. We can't express how happy and blessed we are. Pr. Allen, thank you for restoring our marriage! "CAFG"

You are my role model and I thank God for you


Things are going good! Your counseling & prayers have brought us even closer! We no longer " by the Grace of God' utter any negative words to each other. Thank you "D&B"

Pastor Allen is very wise with his counsel


Pastor Allen is very wise with his counsel and covers all aspects of our marriage experience. Our marriage has grown because of his dedication and experience. Thank you Pastor Allen. K & K

We had already filed for divorce, but then....


If everyone could get the knowledge shared by pastor Allen, then there would no divorce. We had already filed for divorce, but then we met Pastor Allen, who made all the difference in our lives. I now have a different mindset regarding Marriage K&M

While discussing engagement, we realized we had issues to work through


We appreciate the dedication and work he put into creating a program that fit our needs and gave us the proper tools to move forward! We are very blessed and thankful!

Thank you so much. You saved our marriage

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I called Lloyd Allen for help in breaking the news of the divorce (that I had planned to file for) with our son. Lloyd Allen turned the conversation and started focusing on the marriage. After a few sessions, I felt that our marriage was redirected and restored to the path of marital advancement and fulfillment. Lloyd, you've been amazing in helping us work though the challenges in our marriage and we are infinitely grateful. Thank you so much. You have been a true blessing to us and you saved our marriage.

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